Thursday, June 14, 2012

its an orange letter day

I've got some exciting news to share about a partnership and great opportunity that is coming up for me regarding my Etsy Shop...stay tuned for details.

Yesterday, after a PT appointment for my neck and back (ouch the trainer/therapist added a machine to work the lats and strengthen middle back and shoulders AND I might add why doesn't hoisting boxes of vintage goods work just as well?) I went on a little fact finding mission.  I couldn't miss a visit to Hunt&Gather in south Minneapolis. They always display the largest collection of retro lettering I've seen anywhere.  And I came upon another vintage shop just up the block called Piccadilly Prairie.
 The proprietor, Lacey, couldn't have been sweeter.  She was happy to accommodate my photo snapping and my questions.  Her little one was more interested in getting back to play in the courtyard. 

wall sized, industrial cubby at Piccadilly Prairie is only 210.00

Both shops have amazing displays and offer prop rental options.   June 22-23 they will be participating in a 20% storewide sale called the Summer Shop and Stroll.  Get there before I get back to snap up some of those great industrial cubbies or rolling carts.

 Hunt&Gather has all sorts of retro signage from a couple of bucks for smalls to sixty five dollars 
for large, dimensional characters

there are scads of these great old metal bins...pretty rustic but a deal at 22.00

I've got my eye on you, orange rolling cart

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

While I Was Sleeping...

my little figural spoon showed up on the front page!