Thursday, March 22, 2012

Minnesota is the new Missouri

We have had unprecedented high temps in Minnesota this season.  I can remember just a couple of nights in February that the temps dipped below zero.  Green tube tops were being worn outside O'Gara's on St. Patty's day.  The ice is out on Minnetonka.

My forsythia bushes are in wild bloom a good six weeks before schedule and a large bouquet on the kitchen table is already starting to leaf out.  But I recalled a photo taken, November of 2009, when 80 degree days confused the forsythia into a false bloom.

Even though my back has been grateful for the lack of snow shoveling, and my housebound potted plants are enjoying a refreshing shower on the deck, this balmy weather trend will come with a price.  There is a substantial lack of ground moisture and planned burns are being started around the county.  There is a burning restriction in Minnesota State Parks which is unheard of in the spring.  Climate change is here. 

And on that note, here's a pretty etsy treasury:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

handmade vintage button necklaces by ione

It's no secret that my mother, Ione has been my source of creative inspiration and resourcefulness.  Several months ago, she started a project of crocheting a bib necklace and embellishing it with beautiful, vintage buttons.  She made a couple more.  She sold a few to family and friends.  I offered a little design input and the project grew to include more than a dozen.  We are debuting her gorgeous work here!  The one-of-a-kind necklaces will be available for sale soon at ionesAttic website.

Ione prefers designing with the natural colors of stone, ash, metallics and mother of pearl.  But she has played with color.  The blue denim crocheted bib was achieved with many hand dips in bluing before adding the buttons.  Working with black crochet thread created a more elegant base for black, crystal and silver buttons.

      dare I say, she named this  Red Hat Lady

Martha of opendoorstudio took this photo of mom and me at a yard sale last autumn.

For those of you who are familiar with my etsy store, you will recognize my avitar in this picture.  This photo was taken at Ione's 90th birthday party, at the same site she had tended bar nearly fifty five years earlier.  We're adding this autographed photo with every necklace order.

In store March 15th!