Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea's Trousseau

Today is, purportedly, Chelsea Clinton's big day...this photo courtesy of People magazine.

I have created a treasury for her,  here ...inspired by the neighborhoods of the origin of her name.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Look what Dickie brought home in the extra cycle packs.
They are minimally cleaned up and ready to sell in the shop:
view them here

He is making noise about selling the why would he want to go and do a thing like that?

Monday, July 19, 2010


I picked a peck of shitakes at my friend Jim's last Sunday...shared some with friends and made an amazing saute with bacon, onions and a little balsamic vinegar.   Served that atop an omelet with gruyere cheese.

I sliced a bunch up and air-dried them and packed them in a glass jar.  One week later I saw the beginnings of a little mold!
Dang I thought those mushrooms were dry.  So I picked out the worst offenders and dried them further in a very low oven and this time put them in a paper bag.

Now I ask you, am I asking for trouble?  Mushrooms are fungus. We eat molded cheeses.  Do I dare prepare them and eat them or do I chuck em?

According to the USDA, I (sob) chuck em.  The type of mold that attacks food is not the same thing as intentional mold in a blue cheese, for example.  These thinly sliced mushrooms are porous which makes them more susceptible to the toxins invading the interior and near impossible to slice away.
see the chart attached

Friday, July 16, 2010

Approaching the 90's

In temperature and in years lived graciously.  Ione is 93 today...I found these notes taken by her grand-daughter:

My inspiration for life came from my mother Anna Gardner Krell who taught me the value of resourcefulness.  
My mother was socially involved with the community and had numerous cocktail and card parties.  Therefore, entertaining became second nature to me.  My elder sister Claire helped to formulate my sense of style as I grew into a young woman.  I followed in her footsteps and worked as a beautician before marrying my first husband Bill.
Bill and I owned a tavern in downtown Shakopee...Engel’s Place. We hosted parties at the tavern and in our home. Food, drink, and laughter permeated my life then and now.  The essence of my youth remains due to the fact that I have maintained my mental agility through the activities I pursue.  I create happiness through being with family and friends, laughing and reminiscing, and most importantly, being engaged in all of these moments. 

Even after celebrating her 90th birthday this past July, Ione Theis, a woman of many wonders, continues to be active and engaged in life as a trendsetter for all ages. The local historian and worldwide entertainer, was first recognized for her melodious contributions as the anchoring alto in the famous group The Harmonettes. In the late 1990’s, Ione spearheaded the Senior Recyclable Card Company (SRCC), creating joy and promoting a healthy environment for all. (SRCC is currently undergoing negotiations for a buy-out from Hallmark, as stated by an unidentified source in the Shakopee Valley News). Even through all of her fame and fortune, Ione remembers the rough and tumble life she once endured in the Dakota Prairies. She reflects on all of life’s experiences and remains one of America’s most beloved, for her creativity and generosity have exceeded most others.

I called my mother this morning to be the first to wish her well, but she was already out the door!

Friday, July 2, 2010

To the Lake for the Fourth

Lucky me...
Last weekend was spent with two of my best gal pals at a Gull Lake cabin where one of them summers.  Jan uses her designer's eye for creating beautiful vignettes of texture and color all around the place.  Every corner holds a precious memory...her father's collage, grandmother's metal cabin sign, the mirror her girls created from shells, an uncle's antique water ski residing in a corner.  And she graciously shares the space with family and friends.

I love the palette of soft blue and red on white-washed pine and honey pine.

We enjoyed our beverages in some great vintage mirrored glass high balls.  Look for the set of six to be listed in the shop soon!

Today I leave for another friend's lake cottage in Wisconsin!