Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hen of the Woods Part 2

Last fall, around the same time I found this near the base of my grandfather bur oak.

Last week, Richard had me follow him down the road on bikes and pointed out another.  The mushroom was situated in a low area between the public road and another oak tree on private property.  I didn't skip a beat, hopped off the bike and plucked it from the ground and put it in the bike basket.  Thief's remorse kicked in about one minute later, so I went to this new neighbor's door.  A sweet, golden retriever answered the door but no human.  I took the prize home.
the get-away-vehicle, Richard's 1952 Schwinn cruiser 

I invited Ione to help "process the beast."  We spent nearly two hours picking through the giant mushroom, removing critters, brushing debris, and cutting it into bite-sized pieces.

This hen was a little more mature than last year's by only a day or two.  But I found that the flavor was milder and needed less saute time.  There was enough to make omelets, a large pot of "chicken" vegetable soup and plenty to freeze in small bags for this winter's risotto...bjaaakk!  I wonder if my neighbor would accept a home baked mushroom bread pudding as restitution?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Live Sale Event

It's been a busy week at Ione'sAttic...
we are gearing up for a huge, JunkaPalooza Sale.  Many retired items from the shop, along with new vintage finds are being transported by my trusty Vibe to the locale.  The venue is in one of the most quaint neighborhoods in Shakopee (read: charming 1930's brick story and a half vs overbuilt and under-funded 1990's development)  We're combining my vintage with my friends Peggy and Holly's great gardening and stuff, some family heirlooms, and general household.  You can expect many things will be discounted from my typical online store's a partial list.

*Collection of blue Ball jars and lids
*Architectural salvage advertising sign, Schmidt's Hats and Dresses
*1920's era floral painted 3 panel wood screen
*1920's R. Atkinson Fox, Glorious Vista lithograph in original frame
*Deco era shelves and mirrors
*Milk glass and brass lamps
*Deco stag pottery lamp
*Vintage Raleigh 3-speed bicycle in pristine condition, all original parts
*Longaberger Basket collection
*Vintage china including Blue Ridge pottery
*Art pottery, including Roseville, McCoy, Haeger, California
*Copper boiler and lid
*Framed medical posters
*Vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories
*Contemporary 3 tier garden fountain
*Leather club chair
*Garden tools, baskets, plant stands
*Guy stuff
*Books and CD's

Peggy, Holly and I have filled her oversized garage and the patio to overflowing.
I am also putting a shout out to any Minneapolis based vintage clothing lovers or sellers to come browse the racks of dresses, coats, lingerie and accessories from the 1940-1990's.  Send me a convo at my shop for more details!

The namesake of my shop, Ione will be there will bells on!  Well, actually she'll be parked in a comfy spot signing autographs and modeling her newly designed, hand crocheted vintage button can meet her, and register to win a chance for a necklace. 

former proprietress of Engel's Place, Ione at same locale, now Turtles Social Center in Shakopee, 2007

For those of you coming to Junk Bonanza, stop by 714 South Holmes Street, Shakopee Minnesota on your way in.
Our sale starts Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th 9am to 5pm
We can only accept cash, thanks.
Weatherman predicts crisp and clear, perfect for an outdoor event!  Maybe you'll ride home on a vintage Raleigh bicycle wearing a new, vintage Pendleton blazer or winter coat.

Friday, September 9, 2011


The sure footed, 2001 BMW R1150GS took us from home, down the river through LaCrescent and into Wisconsin and Illinois...and back.  780 miles in less than 3 days.
Saturday's ride was warm and misty through Red Wing, Minnesota.  Perfect in my opinion for some photo ops in the back-water barge towns but my driver forged on.  We ascended into hundreds of acres of apple orchards in the high ground of Wisconsin.   We arrived, soaked to the skin on the bottom half and boots in Rockford, IL at supper time.  Our friends, Jen and Davey met us with warm quilts and a glass of red wine.  Mind readers!

Sunday, we took a short drive to Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove, Illinois.

The architectural firm that Jen works for redesigned the barns and homestead that was devastated in a freak January tornado in 2008.  Ken, the owner, Dave and Jen visited in the main store.  I tasted the JonaGolds and grabbed a bag, some cashew brittle and vanilla taffy. 
The place was packed, but I learned that this was considered a light crowd by weekend standards.  They have all the usual draws, petting zoo and that day a live blue grass quartet.
They do not take credit cards, so if you go bring cash or a local check.

That night it was a music festival on the waterfront.  Davey and Jen went to see Stone Temple Pilots.  We got comp tickets and went with Richard's son, Joe.  We listened to this funk band here come the mummies.  Great show band, good vibe.  Really sophomoric, naughty lyrics.  Then it was back to Dave and Jen's for more rehearsal in the basement...good vibes, not naughty lyrics.
Labor Day, I am climbing back on ol' one eye.  Jen gives the windshield a once over.  Our friends are the best!

There are only a few fluffy clouds in the sky, but the west wind is a factor.  Temps have dropped and even with an electric vest it is a long, chilly drive home.  We make a quick stop in New Glarus for cider and some Two Women Beer.  Two bottles will fit in the soft bags.

We make another quick stop in Mineral Point, for more locally crafted blue cheese.  I take a few shots of the wonderfully preserved limestone buildings.  The streets are fairly deserted this holiday.

Shop windows beckon.

I poke into a sweet shop called Distraction, blog post here, which is half vintage and half salvage and all great looking!  I would have loved to load up on those porcelain knobs, but remember, two bottles of Two Women beer and blue cheese are already on board.

The west wind propels a line of wind turbines in the western high fields of Wisconsin.  By the time we arrive home, it is 9PM.  I forget about micro-brewed beers and care only about a hot bath.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

why, hello September you feel like July

2 yoga classes right off the bat
state fair apples ready to pick
90 degrees in the shade
front page on etsy at noon

a good start to the month...