Saturday, February 25, 2012

minneapolis meet up

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of lunching and meeting with Renee of NostalgicSummer at the Longfellow Grill.  Renee grabbed a table and in no time we were involved in talk about our craft, shops, networking, and personal stories.  Renee comes from a background in merchandising and print buyer and I from graphic design.  She was encouraged to start making and SELLING some the beautiful jewelry that she repurposes from vintage bits and pieces, religious icons and local tokens.

I love these earrings made with bus tokens!
Renee also makes
unique pendants using the images from her father's antique matchbook collection.

By the time we ordered lunch, we had covered a lot of territory!  Not surprisingly, both of our shop avitars or banners feature a photo of our mothers.  Renee's mom, Gertie and my mom Ione are still going strong...both in their nineties.  We decided that their enduring positive attitudes were even more inspiring to us than their creative talents.
We also discovered that our client base is mainly, east coast, west coat, Texas and Australia!

We then got down to the business of signing our Vestiesteam traveling atlas that houses the team trophy.  Word has it that it is scheduled to be sent to Florida, then Tahoe and maybe the UK!

Renee presented me with a handmade bookmark, and I gave her a little vintage mirror that she was happy to have to use in her boutique sales.  She has been experiencing some great success at local shows.  And she was able to give me some great feedback on a handmade vintage item that I will be introducing in my shop soon...teaser...

Monday, February 20, 2012

the last time I saw Paris

I curated this treasury last week to honor some vestiesteam members' shops.
There is an item in this treasury that is part of a bigger team promotion.  See if you can find the little bit of Paris you can win!

My daughter, Caroline and I had our first and only visit to Paris in May of 2006.  The weather, the fourth floor flat that we rented for one week near the Bastille and La Marais did not disappoint.  The city and the people were enchanting.

It seems like a dream...

I wanted to use several of CabArtVintage's authentic French treasures in my treasury.
The trinket tray I will have for my own!
gorgeous 1920's french bride magazine cover

tour eifflel tray by CabArtVintage

Monday, February 13, 2012

you need to love the fit

pink dreamer by BellaTotsJewelry on etsy

Dreams are mysterious.  Most times, mine confound me.  They can weave and deceive the dreamer down a path of confusion.  This morning I had one of those brief, brilliant dreams that stays with you after waking.

dream: I am sitting with a friend and her ex-husband at their dining table.  My friend is animatedly talking about this wonderful new house that a real estate agent has found for them to move in to as they have been working to reconcile for a couple of weeks.

(In conscious, wakeful life my friend has undergone a contentious separation and divorce that included stalking, restraining orders and the fracturing of many family relationships.  She has worked hard for the last three years to rebuild her finances and her life.  She has also met a man that is a kind companion.)

Her ex offers a hat that he has made as a peace offering to me.  It is an over-sized, knit hat that looks ridiculous.  It is the wrong color... I cannot wear pink.  I look like the Muppets Swedish Chef in a disaster of pepto bismol pink.  I stand looking at myself in the mirror, jaw dropped, while the two of them wait for my approval.

Valentine's Day is the day of my friend's wedding anniversary.  She is also getting ready for a two week vacation with her new beau.  There is no possibility in my mind, that she would consider a reconciliation with her ex.  I will entertain any comments that unravel the mystery for me.

I also want to thank the etsy contributors above... I love pink, just not on me.