Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My rescued cat, the one who was supposed to be low maintenance, has been to the vet three times over the past two weeks.  It started out as a patch of missing fur under his neck that he would not leave alone.  A web search indicated it might be ring worm...ewwww... not a worm, a fungal infection, but still.  He's been shaved, coned, treated with oral antibiotics and anti-fungal salve, offered anti-anxiety meds, (mom passed), and this raw patch is not clearing.

After a night of carousing, he has developed a wet sneeze.  It is not the panting, coughing variety that his predecessor Jerry Lee displayed (congestive heart failure).
There has been nothing new added to his environment or his food.
Could Moto Guzzi have spring fever?

Current temperature 72 degrees, with winds gusts from southwest 15 to 25mph.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tax Season

I've put it off as long as possible.
09's receipts have migrated out of the large brown bag to smaller paper files and finally on to my laptop.  The successes and miss-steps in my first year with my online business have become apparent.
Kudos to Etsy and Paypal for offering down-loadable monthly reports.
Many thanks to my friend Peggy for helping me format an Excel spreadsheet.
I am making the organization of my physical space and inventory paramount.
Here are suggestions to do that with some style and fun:

Maybe if dressed the part, I would behave more professionally in my home office. 
Let's face it, when your pajamas do double duty as your work clothes and your yoga clothes, you can get pretty comfortable.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ice Out

Last weekend we made a two day dash to the north shore.  We went rather reluctantly, knowing that the unseasonably high of 40 to 50 degrees would make skiing iffy.  But it was a visual feast.
I'd been in the pain closet for the last six weeks with my left knee. After using holistic treatments with limited success, and meeting with my ortho, Dr. Kansara, I decided to go for the injection as a band-aid solution to what we both believe is another scope.  Twenty four hours later I was virtually pain free.  I was climbing around those granite rocks like a kid goat.  I gathered some drift wood on the point right next to Covepoint Lodge.  They do a nice job with comfortable accommodations.  The caesar salad was very good, topped with a walleye fillet (get the lightly pan-fried rather than broiled).  And you can't beat the Norwegian continental breakfast...I think that we might all do well with a little more pickling in the a.m.

We did a hike back to a favorite campsite at Split Rock State Park...
I won't tell you the exact campsite, but any of the cart-ins from
number 11 - 20 are superb.

bones of Gitchigumi

I've utilized that beautiful ice blue and silver gray back in my bathroom. A rusted metal bin, hung with two metal clips, does a much better job than my old wobbly, towel rack.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Approaching Oscar Night

If I had a working television and
if I was going to be home this Sunday night,
I might wear this
on my tiny little red carpet.
It is a reproduction flapper dress,
made in India...
I'm estimating 1970-1980.
 It is heavily beaded and wears beautifully
on almost any bod, with its angel wing sleeves
and a forgiving drop waist.
I plan to open a new etsy shop,
Cookie's Closet,
devoted to vintage clothing
and fashion accessories...
this dress will be available soon.

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