Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Becoming Solvent

I love scrounging for treasure, and often these treasures have been bound up by well intentioned folks with horrible cello tape. Or perhaps, decades old masking tape. What cleans the residue?

I start out simple...a warm water bath with a drop of dish soap.
If that doesn't cut it,
my cleanser of choice...Simple Green

Nice fresh scent, earth friendly and concentrated so that you can dilute it depending on the job. Full strength will tackle oily dirt.

Another product that I love is an orange peel based solvent, CitraSolv that absolutely removes grease pen or glue residue from glass, metal or wood. However, you must be very careful using it on any resin or plastic based product as it will dissolve the finish as well as the offending stain. I've ruined an antique lacquered canister.

Today's little cleaning project was an acrylic desk organizer that had cellophane adhesive that would not budge. I finally resorted to vegetable oil on a soft cloth and a whole lot of elbow grease.

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