Monday, April 12, 2010

Fuel for a Bike Ride

Week two of the bike pledge.
Even though I was in Judith Lasater's restorative yoga workshop all last week (it was fabulous, first time I experienced sitting at the feet of a master teacher and not just an instructor) I managed to eek out a pedal around the block each night.  Yesterday, 14 miles to the grocery and back.

Today, came home starved from working all day.  Ok, I did crash on Ione's couch for a couple innings of the Twins Opener at Target Field.

Made a plate.  Smoked salmon from VonHanson' (their's kick's Morrey's to the curb...moister, sweeter and slightly oilier).  FYI: I went to school with Pete.
Added some cooked pea pods, an olive medley with more roasted garlic than olives, fresh spinach leaves.  By now my bread and butter sized plate is overflowing, so I grab a salad sized plate and invert the whole works so I can add Richard's grilled concoction from last night.  There are chunks of grilled red potato, yam and onion along with small roasted sections of lime, peel and all, almonds and raisins.  Sounds weird but it tastes fine.
Can anyone tell me if it's dangerous eating citrus peelings...Suzy?
No need for dressing.  I suppose you could add a creamy garlic.  And on the side, kettle chips with cracked pepper and a glass of cheap chardonnay.

Slowly moving toward Schwinn...

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