Monday, May 3, 2010

Georgy Girl

Perhaps the most striking feature of this strikingly different film is the moral ambiguity of all its characters. While contemporary cinema seems mired in simple distinctions between good and evil, Georgy Girl presents an odd assortment of losers and users who live in a world without an absolute ethical center. Lynn Redgrave stars as the homely girl who takes on the role of mother to her beautiful roommate's unwanted baby. With her father's employer trying to take her on as a mistress and her roommate's husband taking her on as an easy lover, Redgrave's Georgy navigates the narrows between prostitution and purity as she tries to hang on to the baby she has grown to love. Worth viewing for the seamless performances and the complex understanding of ethical interaction. --James DiGiovanna

Hi time I watched the movie.
Thank you Lynn.

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