Friday, June 25, 2010

Jetson....You're Fired!

I'm doing some house-cleaning in my professional life.  One of them involves a client that I have cleaned house for over a year.  They live in a cluttered, 2 story townhouse with 2 very sweet, very overfed cats.
After my last visit, I got a voice message late in the day.  Something about missing plastic grocery bags and missing bed slippers.  No mention about the attention to detail I had given beyond the regular cleaning.  I had tackled the laundry/utility/kitty space.  I had soaked and cleaned the cat litter scoops and the insides of waste baskets.

So I fired them.  They don't know it yet but they will soon.
It won't have the full effect with the pointing finger and vibrating jowls of Mr. Spacely.  I will probably tell them that I am concentrating more on developing my corporate yoga clients, which is accurate.  I will probably tell them that I hope that they can find someone more reliable. (fat chance)  I will have gained 8 more hours each month to design, blog, write, create and clean my own waste baskets.

I am convinced that home dwellers have contrived dubious methods to check the home cleaner's proficiency.  Here's the list:

THE SMUDGE:  Look for it underneath the vase on the glass table.
THE LINT:  It's been carefully placed behind door jambs, under the roll of an upholstered arm chair, perched on the top of a horizontal blind.
THE PUBIC HAIR:  Besides the usual places, you may find it clinging to the remote control or between the lower and upper refrigerator compartment.

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