Monday, July 19, 2010


I picked a peck of shitakes at my friend Jim's last Sunday...shared some with friends and made an amazing saute with bacon, onions and a little balsamic vinegar.   Served that atop an omelet with gruyere cheese.

I sliced a bunch up and air-dried them and packed them in a glass jar.  One week later I saw the beginnings of a little mold!
Dang I thought those mushrooms were dry.  So I picked out the worst offenders and dried them further in a very low oven and this time put them in a paper bag.

Now I ask you, am I asking for trouble?  Mushrooms are fungus. We eat molded cheeses.  Do I dare prepare them and eat them or do I chuck em?

According to the USDA, I (sob) chuck em.  The type of mold that attacks food is not the same thing as intentional mold in a blue cheese, for example.  These thinly sliced mushrooms are porous which makes them more susceptible to the toxins invading the interior and near impossible to slice away.
see the chart attached

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