Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Face Lift

For the shop.
Here are the three iterations of Ione'sAttic from the store opening in January 2009 to today.


I retained the gold color but bolded the font

Today.  Timed with the roll-out of the new wider format of Etsy.

 I used my photo of some melmac dishes that convey just the right image for my shop in fresher colors, retained Bauer Bodini for Ione's Attic but expanded it... Letter Gothic Standard for the subtext.  And I added a teaser for the upcoming Cookie's Closet for vintage clothing.

I created the above banners in Illustrator, a labourius task for me.  I've noticed on the last export to the jpeg format that the teal blue of Ione's came out a flourescent aqua so I had to adjust several times to get it to the appropriate tone.  Is this usual?

update: 01/12/11
several days ago, a fellow vesties team member alerted me that my banner was not displaying.  I found it curious as I refreshed my page and everything looked good to me.  After consulting etsy's guide to creating a banner, Banner Tips.
I noticed that it was recommended to save the jpeg in RGB rather than CMYK.  This seemed to fix the problem.  Banner displayed fine on both Mac and PC.  Now I will refresh the colors of my Illustrator document, resave in RGB and see if the colors are truer to desired.
Isn't it great to have good resource from administration, and great fellowship with other sellers?

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