Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boxelder Plague

Two days ago it was a crisp 55 degrees and my new furnace was purring like a kitten.
Today, the sun is out and and the thermometer has crept up into the high seventies.  And the south side of my house is literally crawling with the nasties.

The boxelder bug is sometimes known as a garage beetle; the unscientific name "stink bug," ain't that sweet, more regularly applied to the family Pentatomidae, is sometimes used to refer to Boisea trivittata

There are several ash and boxelder trees in and around the yard that harbor them. 
Now that autumn is officially here, they are sashaying all over my south windows, leaving poo tracks and making it impassable via the deck door.  They want in.  According to the University of Minnesota extension, the best way to remove them is to physically barrier them and then suck up the interlopers with a vacuum.  I know that the insecticide spray works but it leaves stains on the siding and scum on the glass.  And it doesn't jibe with my eco-conscience.  They are a really a harmless nuisance.

some useful, beautiful boxelder objects by esty craftsmen:
1) lamp by mapleseedgallery
2) blue boxelder burl bottlestop by hilltopper46
3,4) handmade pens from norskwoodshop
5) boxelder bowl from BowlsandBoxes

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