Monday, January 17, 2011

Creativity Day

Last week, my daughter and I planned a creativity day.
She arrived in the late morning, we built a fire and put on our thinking caps.

We used a large newsprint tablet to brain storm...
Ideas came for a co-ventured book of poetry, 
a children's book for siblings of brand new babies, (she's a labor/delivery nurse)
a game that would help get family members to share history. 
We started a game of scrabble.

I kind of threw a wrench into the day when I offered to sub a last minute yoga class.  But she took the time to go for a snow-shoe.  We regrouped, had some appetizers and wine and started to paint.  She worked on a large collage using gold foil paper scraps.  I did a pastel on black paper of some willow boughs, that she had been asking for every since we lost our little Willow the Westie. 

It is always a treat to have my girl to myself for a day. 
Better yet, to have a creativity day!

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Dionne said...

What a great idea and a fun day! So inspirational!