Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Tonight I am sharing a simple supper with 2 gal pals at my place.
I will concentrate on keeping the subject on the positive as we three can drift into the murky waters of financial distress or past relationship distress.  One of those positives will be my upcoming trip to LA with Richard, our first real  v  a  c  a  t  i  o  n  of more than a week.
I'll have a few days to explore huntington gardens and hollyhock house by myself while Richard is working.

If I owned a swank California rambler, I might decorate with these vintage asian panels.

We will be staying with friends in Sierra Madre, near Pasadena.  There is a date planned at the Formosa restaurant, time at the Santa Monica pier, a hike in the Will Rodgers State Park.
As a highlight, I will be hosted at a meet-up of west-coast vintage sellers by a member of my vintage team on etsy the ranchqueen!   Very excited to meet the people behind the storefronts.


Allie et Cie said...

Hey There...enjoyed reading your post today. I'm looking forward to our "Westies-Vesties" meet up when you're here!
See you then!

Allie et Cie said...

Hmmmm, I left a comment a minute ago and it seems to have disappeared! Hope this doesn't end up double posting.

I'm looking forward to our "Westies-Vesties" meet up next month!

See you soon!

cookie said...

I usually don't get psyched for vacation this soon. I cannot wait! How can I get my vintage cocktail dress into my carry-on bag?

YONKS said...

That first building looks very art deco in style - lovely!

PS: I found out who my mystery guy was: