Thursday, July 21, 2011

West Coast Meet Up part 2

Without further ado, the west coast vesties teamies are properly introduced:

from left to right:
Barbara of ionesAttic 
a devildog
Allie of AllieEtCie
a devildog for a day

In part 1, we had just made introductions and were touring Marsha's amazing studio space.  
Next we were led through a breezeway to the main house.  The home was built in 1952 and has all the qualities of a California foothills modern.  Spacious living areas, lots of glass, great views of the San Fernando Valley.  Prepare to drool.

What looks to be a stained, beadboard ceiling is actually solid redwood 2 x 4's laid vertically!  
Wood was in abundance in the middle century.

 "i heart midcentury modern sofas"

A vintage advertising sign hangs over the corner fireplace.  It was acquired from the southeast United States
during one of Marsha's filming projects.

 Three smaller bedrooms serve as office, lounge and sitting room.
The vintage linoleum rug was a set prop from the movie "Fabulous Baker Boys".
Pics of Marsha's fabulous master bedroom addition and "hollywood bath" will have to wait for a future feature.

 Sorry to wake you Peanut!

Our potluck lunch was served on the veranda. (when you are in California you can call a patio a veranda)  Jaime started the buffet.  While we lunched we shared our Etsy business tips and concerns.  Allie, Delia and I specialize in vintage home decor while Jaime and Marsha tend more to vintage fashion.  We shared so much knowledge between bites that I elected myself secretary.  Scribbled tidbits of important information about Marsha's house and great local thrifting spots reside on a single 3x5" torn notebook paper somewhere with my trip receipts.  Any additions or correction to misinformation in this post would be appreciated!

 lovin' the lunch on the veranda

There was no need for an ice-breaker but I came prepared to gift my westie vestie besties so we retired to the studio for a game of chance.  I had wrapped up some pieces of vintage jewelry in sweet, origami paper that I had picked up in Little Tokoyo.

The girls threw dice for fun.  You can imagine that it got pretty vicious toward the end, when it came down to a mod fringed necklace and a sterling brooch.  Appropriately, Marsha came away the big winner!

Before the party broke, we headed to the shade where Jaime was able to figure out my camera's self timer.  Almost everyone had a dog in their lap in the last shot.  Goodbyes were said, warm future welcomes extended.  Thanks to all who made this meet-up possible!
Special thanks to Marsha, our host and Delia who contributed some of the photos.


O U T L Y I N G said...

Love the post Barbara! So eloquent, quaint and for the love of vintage and antiques! We gotta do this again soon!

Allie et Cie said...

Love revisiting our gathering via your blog! The pics of Marsha's place are great! Such a fun day!

Niftic Vintage said...

Fabulous place and it certainly looks like you all had a ball. Thanks for letting us join you in this gathering!

joon said...

What beautiful posts about a beautiful experience. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I am inspired by our move to California. Looking forward to meeting you all!