Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All Hail the Junkers

I hadn't visited the Oronoco Gold Rush for years. The last time was spent cajoling, coaxing my pig-tailed daughter to "just one more row of stalls".  So maybe twelve years ago?  This year did not disappoint.

For a weekend, the good people of this tiny town just north of Rochester, and the famous Mayo Clinic, open there town and town square to hordes of dealers and bargain hunters.  Over 50 acres and 500 vendors!

I made a late start on Friday morning and drove the 80 miles cross country, avoiding the freeway.  I parked close in for 5 bucks and headed out with a large bag, camera and cash.  The experienced buyers had wagons or carts in tow...dang, I could have borrowed Ione's for the day!

Impressive and not so impressive tents, tables, and shanties all beckoned.

love the old nautical lamps, lanterns and glass floats!

There were some bargains to be had!  I hope someone snapped up these western vinyl club chairs for 325.00 each.  How often do you come across a pair like this?

Four hours, two lemonades and a mango twisty cone later I was exhausted and hadn't covered more than two thirds of the area.  I did manage to purchase a few nice things for the shop...ornate Italian frames, some glassware and some great enamel midcentury chafing dishes.  A sad hesitation, and a second trip back to recover these awesome metal numbers was too late...SOLD!

My luxurious Pontiac Vibe with it's rather inadequate air conditioning was my chariot home.
And while a bath, supper on the patio and a clean bed awaited me, I thought of the veteran junk warriors.  There is romantic notion in the gypsy life that some of these full time dealers live.  Most look weather beaten.  Many don't know if they will recover enough funds for the next gig.  My hats off, all hail the junkers!

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