Thursday, May 3, 2012


photography by Barbara

Not the Brittany kind, the spring veggie kind.
I could eat them grilled, in soup, in scrambled eggs...steamed and crisp cooked is best.  I lightly peel away the tougher outer skin from the bottom of the spears with a vegetable peeler.

For years, I contemplated growing my own asparagus but was put off by the fact that you must let the ferns mature for three years before picking.  The relative price of the vegetable has dropped, and availability increased.  And when can't eat it, you might wear it!   

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asparagus T by moonhalo

polymer clay hair stick by WynneWear
bottlecap magnet from weUPCYCLEwithLOVE
fingerless gloves by Laima Shop...nice stems!
dawning of the age of asparagus T by maGraphics

ceramic sprout ring from contempojewels


Aylin said...

Love asparagus! Thank you very much for making me part of this good greens:)

Heather & Matt said...

Asparagus rocks! We're honored to be included in your lovely blog, Cookie ♥ Now we must go steam some spears because your photo is making us hungry =]

Roselle said...

We LOVE asparagus!
We put it in the oven drizzled with a little olive oil and garlic powder. We like it crispy! I kid you not, it's a side with dinner tonite! Blog looks GREAT!!!