Friday, September 7, 2012

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Junk!

In one week, the three day Junk Bonanza at Canterbury Downs will commence!
My vintage team mates from the VintageEtsySocietyStreetTeam are arriving early next week for a day of strategy and set up before the fun/havoc begins on Thursday... early bird times are available.

This is a juried show, and I am thrilled that our team and my shop was chosen to represent the vintage face of Etsy for this event.  Our booth will be stocked with colorful, mid century modern finds.  

We'll replenish each night so that the space will evolve.  I have no worries that we will run out of stock.  I've seen previews and the list is astounding!

skirt hangers as inspiration board
I have dozens of original catalog pages from the 1929 Sear&Roebuck catalog for sale...great deco fashion and home decor

danish modern teak and stainless serving pieces

Look for the theBestVintage team and Etsy booth space 315 and 316
If you cannot be in Shakopee next week, visit our online shops, search theBestVintage.
Many of us are offering a storewide coupon during Junk Bonanaza,
see each shop for details!


Mary said...

Thanks for giving a preview of your wonderful merchandise! Wish I could be at the show!

cookie said...

hey, Mary..."sconie" isn't such a drive. Let us know if we can look for you.

Mary said...

Closer than Brimfield, right? Maybe another year!

Sweet Apron said...

Cannot wait!! A wonderful week it shall be!

little part (jen) said...

ooooohhhh...look at all those goodies! have a great time!

The Sunshine Grove said...

The MCM serving pieces look wonderful! Good luck out there and thanks for representing the team!

cookie said...

Check back in a couple of days for an eyeful of our booth setup...there's going to be a whole lot more MMM with plenty of splashes of etsy orange.