Saturday, January 26, 2013

Birthday Hat

Let's say this is the weekend before my birthday.  Rewind to the day that I was packing everything I could pack into a weekender bag for my first and most awesome trip to NYC.  The forecast for mid January was mid 20's to 50's.  What's a Bartholomew Cubbins to do?

I narrowed my hat options to four.

1) the Stormy Kromer Blizzard Hat:
purchased on a trip to the UP a couple of years ago, nothing says "mid west-gal's first trip to the big apple" like a hat with ear flaps

2) vintage 1960's sheep's skin hat:
found at a local thrift, super warm and tall enough to accommodate Marge Simpson's hairdo

3) vintage German beret:
versatile!  works at the art museum as well as on a U Boat

4) vintage black felt bowler with the brim turned down:
really looks good when pointing at a landmark

next post will reveal which hat went to the city

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