Saturday, October 10, 2015

Brooch Bouquet

T minus 5 days until my son and his finance wed in Vegas.  I have tied the last knot on the wedding bouquet for my soon-to-be daughter in law.  I began collecting inspiration ideas last fall.

 brooches, earrings, bits and bobs
Thanks to the many donations from my mother and vintage sellers RecentHistory and AuntHattiesAttic.
...and several months of scouring antique and thrift stores
(the musical note and tiny bull dog are special to the couple)

 4 silk hydrangea blossoms formed the bundle that I attached the wired jewels
a large heavy glass vase supported the work for months.

I just about can't fit another piece on...fingers cramping!
At this point I am wiring new pieces to existing, and have added some beaded tendrils to some of the tying wires.  Tiny H in foreground found a home.

Once I wrap the stem in some satin cloth it will be ready to go in my carry-on!

 August bridal shower: Ione, me, Cerenity (bride to be) and my daughter Caroline

me and Cerenity

bridal shower photography by kayla pieper

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