Saturday, August 15, 2009


I hadn't been there since the summer of 1973. My good girlfriend Shelly was back from a student exchange program in Argentina. She asked me to help her make the move as she was attending Marquette that fall. Didn't see much of the town that day. And I was back home, via greyhound bus, that same evening. This July, Richard ordered tickets to see Bob Dylan at Summerfest over the the July 4th holiday. At the concert, Richard got a lap dance and I got Laura Bush's recipe for peach pie. Then we spent the next three days exploring the city on bicycles mostly. What great fun! Our base was the County Clare Guesthouse and Pub, a charming small hotel less than 3 blocks from the lake, tucked between churches, high rise buildings and residential. The hotel was bike friendly, and aside from my initial check-in response, friendly all together. Sumptuous bedding and a jacuzzi in every one of the 30 plus rooms made a comfortable landing at the end of the day. In the pub, I found a pint of Magner's cider to be a more refreshing finish than a Guiness. I also found that the savings of shipping from Milwaukee to Ontario vs Minneapolis to Ontario is negligible.

The graceful Quadracci Pavilion is a sculptural, postmodern addition
designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Asphalt shingled houses with colorful trim and stair steps define a neighborhood south of the "Polish Moon".

Catulpa in full bloom on Prospect Avenue

Hmmm...glad we were at Summerfest with Willy and Bob instead of the State Fair with Mayor Tom Barrett.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Hit With Pipe
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