Monday, November 2, 2009

A Place of Her Own

One of the art directors made a bold move and fulfilled a dream. This mid-summer, she signed a lease on a dedicated studio space in a wonderful part of northeast Minneapolis. Last week, the 4 musketeers minus one(we missed you, Judy) christened the space.
Having a successful design career and working from a home office has advantages and disadvantages. It can be smart from an economic and time management angle.
It can be a great challenge juggling work and family responsibility while at home. But, nests empty.
Focus changes.
For a trained artist, it may be time to take the "art director" out of the equation, and explore the artist, the painter, the calligrapher, the photographer, and the eight-year-old girl with her own clubhouse.

Becky's space is in the Casket Arts Building in northeast Minneapolis, and she is with good company.
She has been invited to exhibit work from neighboring artists. But the paint is barely dry on the wall. She and her supportive husband Scott, did a gorgeous job with the north wall. They used a kraft paper brown base, and added a pearlized wash over top that is a perfect foil for the rose couch.

The day we were there, I took pics of the space, the floor with its three kinds of wood,
the view, the hutch/liquor cabinet and the taboret/rolling buffet.
She has graciously invited us to come back often to sketch and kabitz.
There are some great common areas I am dying to use as backdrop for vintage clothing photos.

The easel is set.
And her father's oils have been transferred to jars.

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i love these photos you took of her studio.. i'm actually planning a photoshoot over christmas break there and these photos are great inspiration!