Friday, November 6, 2009

Supported Backbend

Stop what you are doing.
Forget that the light is receding in your studio and that you might get just one more photo shot for the shop.
Don't suck boxelder bugs or set another mouse trap.
Remember, the light is receding.

Walk one thousand yards up the path to the field.
Find a hay bale.
Big and round is preferable to the the small, squarish variety.

Plant your feet about two feet in front of your hips.
Lean back into the bale.
Begin to walk your feet closer to your hips.
Breathe into the low back and allow your arms and shoulders to open.
Open your eyes to the impenetrable blue above you.
Let the big, round totally support you.

Bring your gaze back to the receding light and say out loud what you are ready to be done may surprise you.

You can find the highest hillock and do a few sun salutations to the receding west light. Drop back to wheel, or an imagined wheel.
When you come back, crack open a Newcastle Brown Ale that your partner, who doesn't drink, stocked in the frig. You may find a half eaten jar of Milwaukee's Best Bread and Butter pickles. Eat some. Blog.
Now, go back to the obvious.

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