Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ashes to Ashes

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I haven't abandoned all of the ceremony I was raised in.
But today, rather than dwell on the above dire reminder, and getting a daub of dirt on my forehead, I am anointing myself with one the six Gems of Para Yoga.
Some lemon ginger green tea to stimulate the agni fire and digestion in the belly, and some nice deep breaths to get the bhuta or spiritual fires ignited.

I have just completed my last of six Monday morning classes with Tanya of devanadi yoga studio in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis.  It was so refreshing and healing to take a class just for me, though I have translated some of the meditations and asana into the classes that I teach.  

I also treated myself each week to a trip to the Great Harvest Bread Company for a loaf of Oregon Herb or Parmesan Artichoke or a blond brownie...yum!

What ceremony have you incorporated into your life recently?

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