Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Te kudasai


geisha III by CarolSchiffStudio
The word for please in Japanese changes according to context.  Onegai shimasu is formal and polite and suggests the speaker is asking a favor.  Nanitozo is extremely polite and rarely heard.  Douzo means something like "please go ahead and do X" and is often used in the phrase "this way please" (kochira e douzo) 
Choudai means something like "please do X for me," and is considered fairly casual in Tokyo dialect.  Choudai itashimasu means the same as itadakimasu.  Kudasai means "please," "please do X for me," or "please give me X"

Please let us continue to support those in need in Japan.
Please let us not forget the global implications of our hunger for energy.  
If the fires of the nuclear melt-down are averted this time, how many more can be averted?  German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is being blasted for shutting down some aging reactors and imposing a moratorium on three-month moratorium on the extension of the life span's of Germany's nuclear facilities.

You can also support artists in Japan by shopping here...artists on Etsy

For the month of March, I have pledged to donate 20% of my store profits to relief efforts to the Miharu project. 

 original paintings by Nancy Erickson Dutmer

Rice Lake Wisconsin artist, Nancy Erickson Dutmer, is a supporter of the Miharu project: here is a recent post from her facebook page:
We have cans for donations around Chetek and Rice Lake for the sister city, Miharu, Japan. They are housing thousands of people and running out of supply. Please stop at these locations and donate!
Chetek: Keg and Kork, Lampert's Lumber, Ohde's, Antique Mall, Horton's Hardware, Bob's Grill
Rice Lake: Bowling Alley, Moongate, various banks, Kwik Trips, Thyme Worn Treasures, Bath and Bodyworks, Casa Mexicana Marketplace, Badger Brew, Public Library, Coffee Coral and Lehman's. Thank you so much.  If you would rather send funds direct, send to :
PO Box 1
Rice Lake, WI


Nancy Erickson Dutmer said...

I will also donate 20% of my painting profits as well. log onto for prices of the Geisha paintings here.
Doma Arrigato Gozaimas (Thank you so much).

Carol Schiff Studio said...

I will be donating the total price of this painting to the Paypal "Help Japan" fund.

Thank you for featuring my painting on your blog.

Niftic Vintage said...

Wonderful Blog! Thanks for sharing some fascinating info and works.

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Hello Again Vintage said...

These works are so beautiful. Japan will always be in my thoughts and prayers.