Saturday, May 28, 2011

Somebody stop me...

This first day of the Memorial Day weekend is full of promise.  For those of us who want to finally get to our gardens after the deluge of the last month, there is a peek of sun.  For those who are picking up the pieces from the devastating tornado in north Minneapolis there is relief.
On Wednesday, Richard and I drove through the neighborhood that he lived in five years ago and were amazed at the loss of property.  Stately, hundred year old oaks, spruce and maple were ripped up by their sodden roots.  Those trees, fully leafed out, used to softened the landscape and rough environment.

I have a lot of clean up to do in the computer department.  My little G4 laptop was state of the art in 2006...has it been six years?  The iPhoto is churning and chugging along as I have downloaded some hundreds or so images and have not done clean up for weeks.

Richard is a long-time PC user and surprised me last week when he announced that he had ordered a new iMac for himself. Apparently the recording studio functions of garage band are more user friendly than pro tools.  I'm guessing that the 21 inch screen will look better on my desk than his.  He is also considering an iPhone upgrade because of the snazzy apps for guitar tuning, chords and recording quality.  i(hiccup) would consider one only for the camera quality as i(hiccup) now own 3 digital cameras and only use one.

Sun's out! It is decided...i(hiccup) am off to the farm supply for some peat and iManure.

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