Wednesday, May 4, 2011

color wheels

Items that have been cycling in my shop continue to be of the blue/green
and red/orange variety.

Part of it, of course is personal preference but there is science to support 
what the eye finds appealing.  
the old color wheel

Tertiary Colors
These are made by mixing a Primary color with an adjacent Secondary color. Turquoise is a mixture of blue and green, lime-green a mixture of green and yellow, and crimson is a mixture of violet and red. The other three tertiary colors (red-orange, yellow-orange and blue-violet) don’t have any recognized names.

Being an admirer of tertiary color sound a little wishy-washy.  
Like red, yellow and blue weren't enough.  
I'm not satisfied with the secondary choices either... green, violet. 
Nope, I want to see the whole color buffet and I go with plate #3


T U R Q U O I S E is the color choice for clarity of thought and communication
(I always have to spell check it)

O R A N G E is adventurous and affordable
(and isn't that what being a vintage seller is all about!)

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