Monday, February 13, 2012

you need to love the fit

pink dreamer by BellaTotsJewelry on etsy

Dreams are mysterious.  Most times, mine confound me.  They can weave and deceive the dreamer down a path of confusion.  This morning I had one of those brief, brilliant dreams that stays with you after waking.

dream: I am sitting with a friend and her ex-husband at their dining table.  My friend is animatedly talking about this wonderful new house that a real estate agent has found for them to move in to as they have been working to reconcile for a couple of weeks.

(In conscious, wakeful life my friend has undergone a contentious separation and divorce that included stalking, restraining orders and the fracturing of many family relationships.  She has worked hard for the last three years to rebuild her finances and her life.  She has also met a man that is a kind companion.)

Her ex offers a hat that he has made as a peace offering to me.  It is an over-sized, knit hat that looks ridiculous.  It is the wrong color... I cannot wear pink.  I look like the Muppets Swedish Chef in a disaster of pepto bismol pink.  I stand looking at myself in the mirror, jaw dropped, while the two of them wait for my approval.

Valentine's Day is the day of my friend's wedding anniversary.  She is also getting ready for a two week vacation with her new beau.  There is no possibility in my mind, that she would consider a reconciliation with her ex.  I will entertain any comments that unravel the mystery for me.

I also want to thank the etsy contributors above... I love pink, just not on me.


RJS BandWagon said...

You want a new hat?

Emily said...

What a lovely post. Thanks so much for sharing.