Friday, January 24, 2014

January Diet Detox...No Picnic

Before dawn of the sixth day of my 21 Day Detox I woke up to crazy uncomfortable muscle aches and what felt like sciatica from my butt to the arches of my feet.  While I tried to rearrange and stretch my limbs my mind wrapped around the image of comfort food: a bowl of steel cut oats with a dollop of greek yogurt and brown sugar.  Yesterday, after doing a fair amount of shipping, I had to lay down for two hours from exhaustion.  The energy and freedom that I am looking for in my joints may be more elusive than six days into this program.

Counter plan: I am getting over to the gym and on a treadmill and then to see Dr. Dustin Campion for my A.R.T. appointment.  Active Release Therapy is a therapy that incorporates myofascial release and targets scar tissue that inhibits movement and ease. The patient actively participates through a prescribed range of motion while the provider stabilizes the area.  On my first two appointments, I was amazed at the relief I found in my right shoulder, neck and wrist.  I also learned that my tight periformis could be due to restriction at the psoas and hip flexors at the front of the body.  My Yin yoga practice is sorely missing and I know how valuable sustained, deep stretch is to my health.

yin master Paulie Zinc and wife Maria on their Montana homestead
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