Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Bath

Richard had an electrical outlet installed so that he could add a heated birdbath to our deck railing.
He's been feeding the birds, and squirrels and deer for years but it only occurred to us lately to add the water.  It may be natural that they don't seek it out on very cold days.  You can see the steam rising in gentle wafts from the surface.  If you look to the upper left you can see a bold chickadee.  Adding the christmas tree boughs was a way to add bridges so that the birds are more inclined to dip a toe in.

Wouldn't I like my own hot springs outdoor bath?  After yet another rigorous workout with the snow shovel I opted for Janell Yule's detox salt bath, which is helpful to detoxify the largest organ of our bodies...our skin.  Rather than comforting lavender, I used a dropper full of Unbind Me from TeraDeiFarms and a few too many drops of essential oregano oil which is said to heal and boost immunity.  I smelled a bit like spaghetti sauce simmering instead of flowers.

Hot Springs, Minnesota...not

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