Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Survival Kit

Home from roughing it.
Found another dear friend in the painful and confusing state that comes from separation after a long marriage.

Here's my top ten items in the Survival Kit.

1) Valerian root capsules and Sleepy Time Tea by Celestial Seasonings
Sleep deprivation is the worst.

2) Lavender bath salts and body lotion

3) Square breathing
Place your hands on your abdomen, inhale for the count of four and allow your belly to rise up to meet your hands. Pause for the count of four. Exhale for the count of four and allow your belly to soften. Pause for four.

4) No Enemies Within, by Dawna Markova PHD One of the few books on self-excavation that I held on to after seven years of recovery.

5) the word YES
Yes to good faith offers from friends and family for legal, financial and emotional help. There will be time later to say "yes" for requests to increase your workload, volunteer, babysit, etc...remember this is survival mode.

6) the word NO
No to both the well-intentioned and ill probings of friends and family for "the story".

7) dark eyeglasses

8) a journal

9) a bicycle ride in unfamiliar territory

10) a small, white dog to act as respirator, blotter, confidant

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