Friday, September 4, 2009

Prop Resource

In a former life, I was well paid and in demand as an art director.
The economic turn-down and the advance of graphic technology has greatly affected my business. It has taken me many months of work, research, experimentation, and teeth gnashing to find the best of my former job in my new job as a virtual shopkeeper. And I am just at the beginning of the learning curve.

With vintage items, discovering a diamond in the rough is part of the fun. Presenting it in an environment that is appealing to a potential buyer, demands all the skills I have honed in regard to propping, lighting and sequencing. I am a photographer hobbyist, but have been privileged to work with some of the best. Product accuracy is essential to building good faith with buyers. And people respond to creative descriptions. You can call a vintage pink nightie a vintage pink nightie...or you can call it a Baby Doll Pink Cotton Candy Sticky Sweet Vintage Peignoir Set. I have many improvements to make in my clothing photos. There is nothing like a live, animated and fresh young model to make a 50-year old frock swing.

Last month, I decided to rekindle some of my contacts, with offerings from my etsy shop, in a format that made sense to prop stylists and designers. I have made one potential sale and have gotten alot of positive feedback. My aim is to send out new offerings every two weeks.

here are the images:

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Your shop photos are wonderful....and you can write!