Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back from Ely

It was my good fortune to attend the 30th year reunion of the Wild Women's Northern Trek in Ely, MN. The location is the YMCA Camp duNord on beautiful Burntside Lake. I have not been on all consecutive trips. My first year, 1992, I took the polar plunge into the icy waters.

Some of the Wild Women have become mild women. Our lodging at Pine Pointe is luxurious compared to the rustic old cabins. We have a beautiful space at Morning Glory lodge to practice yoga. This year, I babied a tender knee and skied the flat terrain of the lake, rather than the challenging North Arm Trails. However, two girls from our group managed a trip to Ely's emergency room with cuts and staples to the head after their snow sled met a tree.  I won't mention names because, as the pink t-shirts proclaim, "What goes on in Ely, stays in Ely."

Every year there are the newbies that invigorate the group and help to lower the median age. I hope next year to invite my daughter.

On Sunday morning, we left the pristine and the quiet that only two feet of snow can create. By Monday morning, we were digging out from 18 inches at home. Just a little respite before returning to routine.

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