Sunday, February 28, 2010


Why is it, I wonder that I am drawn to shiny, tiny lacquer boxes or the vases, urns and other Asian imported and inspired vintage pieces?

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satsuma urn

bird of paradise Otagiri keepsake box

vintage moriage teacups


tiny urn with scowling emperor

A recent visit to my mother's apartment reminded me...This has been part of her style, since her move from our family home in 1990.
She purchased the large fan at a gift shop in the Southdale Mall but everything else was rescued from garage sales or auction.  The Satsuma hat pin holder was a gift from me, as well as the Japanese mud man. 
I owned a similar black lacquer jewelry box with a tiny, spinning ballerina.  It was a gift from my mother in the mid-sixties.  My grown daughter has it now on her bureau.

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