Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

For him...Red Velvet Lofthouse Cookies and crab legs and a copy of Patti Smith's autobio: Just Kids  For roses, a shawl from Little Tokoyo, and grits and Polish sausage for breakfast disguised as healthy food on a bed of spinach, red pepper, black beans with garlic, onion and roasted sweet potato.  Go Team Orange!  And for both of us...Moto Guzzi in the middle.

Moto is our new cat that chose to live with us sometime in between Christmas and the New Year.  He was an intact tomcat, did not know how to use a litter box, but was immediately very loving and lovable.
He is a quick learner to domesticity.
As he has become more familiar, he has gained the confidence to be more squirrelly and playful.   He is a big, muscular boy, so Richard feels it when he gets broadsided in the shins.
Love hurts.


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