Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My rescued cat, the one who was supposed to be low maintenance, has been to the vet three times over the past two weeks.  It started out as a patch of missing fur under his neck that he would not leave alone.  A web search indicated it might be ring worm...ewwww... not a worm, a fungal infection, but still.  He's been shaved, coned, treated with oral antibiotics and anti-fungal salve, offered anti-anxiety meds, (mom passed), and this raw patch is not clearing.

After a night of carousing, he has developed a wet sneeze.  It is not the panting, coughing variety that his predecessor Jerry Lee displayed (congestive heart failure).
There has been nothing new added to his environment or his food.
Could Moto Guzzi have spring fever?

Current temperature 72 degrees, with winds gusts from southwest 15 to 25mph.

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