Friday, March 12, 2010

Ice Out

Last weekend we made a two day dash to the north shore.  We went rather reluctantly, knowing that the unseasonably high of 40 to 50 degrees would make skiing iffy.  But it was a visual feast.
I'd been in the pain closet for the last six weeks with my left knee. After using holistic treatments with limited success, and meeting with my ortho, Dr. Kansara, I decided to go for the injection as a band-aid solution to what we both believe is another scope.  Twenty four hours later I was virtually pain free.  I was climbing around those granite rocks like a kid goat.  I gathered some drift wood on the point right next to Covepoint Lodge.  They do a nice job with comfortable accommodations.  The caesar salad was very good, topped with a walleye fillet (get the lightly pan-fried rather than broiled).  And you can't beat the Norwegian continental breakfast...I think that we might all do well with a little more pickling in the a.m.

We did a hike back to a favorite campsite at Split Rock State Park...
I won't tell you the exact campsite, but any of the cart-ins from
number 11 - 20 are superb.

bones of Gitchigumi

I've utilized that beautiful ice blue and silver gray back in my bathroom. A rusted metal bin, hung with two metal clips, does a much better job than my old wobbly, towel rack.

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