Friday, March 19, 2010

Tax Season

I've put it off as long as possible.
09's receipts have migrated out of the large brown bag to smaller paper files and finally on to my laptop.  The successes and miss-steps in my first year with my online business have become apparent.
Kudos to Etsy and Paypal for offering down-loadable monthly reports.
Many thanks to my friend Peggy for helping me format an Excel spreadsheet.
I am making the organization of my physical space and inventory paramount.
Here are suggestions to do that with some style and fun:

Maybe if dressed the part, I would behave more professionally in my home office. 
Let's face it, when your pajamas do double duty as your work clothes and your yoga clothes, you can get pretty comfortable.


kafrum said...

I'm tickled to see you've featured my donkey desk set in your blog, and your topic is so very timely! I literally just got off the phone with my accountant. The good news? We made more money last year. Of course, the inevitable corresponding bad news is that our self-employment taxes also went up accordingly. :( Thank goodness for our accountant! His $100 fee is the best money I spend all year long. Thanks for the feature! Catherine/orbitingdebris
(working in my PJs at this very moment!)

Evelyn Ward de Roo said...

This is a hoot. I just bought another pair of yoga pants. Because I just had one pair. And I'm getting sick of working in them and doing yoga. But most of the time I'm in my bath robe. Ha.

Thanks for featuring my old fashioned organizer. I thought someone could use the idea in a period mystery novel. Like, was the receipt pierced or not? Murder she wrote type of thing. It's funny how things have changed. Nobody pokes their invoices anymore. But they could with this.

Your Etsy site is FABULOUS. I've so much to learn from your photos.
And I notice you are a yoga instructor!
I'm originally from Manitoba. You're from Minnesota?