Friday, October 29, 2010

Whine List

it's time for a mini-rant...
Today, the Star Tribune's business section featured a story regarding Edina-based Regis  Corporation's plans to overhaul its existing Pro-Cuts hair salon brand into a sports-themed salon to compete with the Sports Clips operation.

I am someone who spends 14.00 on a haircut about twice a year.
It is curious that this article intrigued me at all.
When I think of men's sport figures and their hair I think of sweat bands, buzz cuts, helmet hair.
photos not endorsed by Regis or Pro Cuts but deemed silly by me

I read on:
'Huge black-and-white photos of athletes act as wall barriers, referee stripes adorn the lower walls and bright purple, yellow and red jewel tones found in team logos dominate the salon. The wooden floor is marked like a basketball court, and stylists will toss towels through a basketball hoop slung over the hamper.'

Oh, it's not just about the hair or even the store design, it's the delivery system!
What if you are a stylist who gives a great scalp massage, a superb cut but can't make a free throw?  Do you forfeit your tip?  Sit out the next appointment?

There are other silly corporate delivery systems, I know.  Twenty years ago, I often took my young cubs to the Pannekoeken restaurant on 98th and Lyndale.  Every few minutes or so, a wonderful Dutch oven-baked pancake was delivered to the table by a franetic, clogged heeled waitress hollering,"pannekoeken! pannekoeken!"
Which all made perfect sense to me since I know the value of getting a hot meal to the table.
My son rolled his eyes while the pancake deflated.

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