Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today, marked the 500th order for sales in my shop!

I have learned much in the last 22 months.
When I started, I didn't know an RSS feed from chicken feed, and I still have not figured out the benefit of understanding my weekly Metric Report...does it matter that my sales this week to Rhode Island are down 141%?
I have learned the value of research.  Twenty two months ago, I didn't use terms like Hollywood Regency or Rock-a-Billy.  Both are dreadfully overused!  Like exclamation points.
There is a wealth of knowledge and a very supportive group in the vintage street team that I am part of...GO VESTIES!

So I am celebrating with a bigger and better commitment to myself (and dear Richard) to run this home business with a plan that includes:

less warehousing in the common living areas
learning to use my Nikon D5000 even if it means taking a class
adding back leisure time to my days/evenings...
blogging regularly

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