Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankgiving Drive

There is notable work being done to help extend gratitude for plenty in a time of uncertainty.
SNAP offers a toolkit for those interested in taking the 27.00 dollar a week food challenge.  Minnesota Public Radio offers audio link in which Kevin Winge relays his experience not only in paying for good quality food, but also access to food that is typical for the poor.

How I struggle to live in my abundance!

The forecast for most of Minnesota today is another bout of snow mixed with freezing rain.
My son and his girlfriend are bound for sunny California.   I am gauging the chances of getting them to the airport on time, between yoga classes.  I wish you all safe travel.

The following is an unpublished poem that I had submitted in a contest five years ago.
Sadly, it is still timely.

thanksgiving drive, 2005 

spruce and douglas fir
lie top to toe 
like soldiers
on this flatbed truck

top to toe like good
foot soldiers
bundled, dog-tagged
cut off at the ankles

they are lying fresh
and green
with their legs 
sawn off

if you calculate growth rings
in soldier years
they must number nineteen
or twenty

they are harvested
from mid-western farms
bound to bleed their sap
onto persian carpets

and they are stacked

ten-high seven across
times four
on this one truck
headed north

cookie engel
november, 2005

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