Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Reclaimed Shops on Etsy

Some people collect junk.
Some people create junk.
A rare breed collect junk and create art.
Here are my faves...

creates gorgeous statement necklaces.

creates incredible robotic sculpture from cast off tins.
Some are usable art, trinket holders or snack keepers.

She is a collage and mixed media artist who uses antique ephemera and prints to create art.
I especially love the doll-house series, and considered purchasing one with the birthing anatomy for my daughter, the labor and delivery nurse.

caught my attention my first year on etsy, when she suggested a trade.
She got one of Ione's vintage brooches, an enamel German cross and I got an original painting from her skeleton crew series!

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sushipot said...

I love Will's robots too!! Thank you for including my pieces in your post :)