Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cheers for Tiers

Six Geese a-Laying, original art by John Tebeau

With December the 24th looming, (did I say looming that doesn't sound very positive) I have decided to create a to-do list unlike the usual.

I will start with Tier 3...the fluff, the frosting
12) make fresh boxwood wreaths
11) research, photograph, and list fifty new items for the shop
10) make ice bowl luminaria to line a 150 foot drive
9) dust

Next, Tier 2 or the B List... important but not critical
8) finish my on-line shopping
7) make my famous caramels with a new twist, a sprinkle of sea salt
6) if I can't break a few lower spruce boughs free of snow for making swags I will break down the day before Christmas and buy a discounted tree from the boy scout's lot

Finally, the Top Tier
5) glue the elements to the unfinished collages I gave my children last year at Christmas
4) make the sweet potato and goat cheese gratin side dish that Richard requested for Christmas brunch
3) process and ship all of my shop orders by Monday the 20th
2) commit to Relax in all Things, with a daily, 20 minute restorative yoga pose
thank you, John Tebeau for the inspirational Six Geese aLaying artwork
1) revel and relish the reprieve my mother has been given...she continues to gain strength...
thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

oops...I have to sneak in a 13th to the Top Tier.
Gift Certificates for John and Jim, my neighbors who have tagged teamed getting us plowed out this winter.  35 inches of snow and counting.


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jtebeau said...

Thanks for including my geese!