Thursday, April 7, 2011

a good day

1955 print of blackbirds from Holcroft
It's been a good day.

An 88 year-old gentleman who has been a regular and faithful participant in my gentle yoga class spent some time with me after class by the coffee.  Fritz shared a poem that had been written just for him by another club member.  He also told me that the bluebirds were back.  He told me if I wanted to attract orioles to my yard, it would only do to put out grape jelly for them.  I did not know that!  I shared that I had heard the first red-winged black bird yesterday and he promptly told me that he thought they were a nuisance.  I love the crack and warble of the blackbird.  The swamps to the north of my house are filling up nicely.  The yearly crop of cattails make great perches for the birds.

It's been a productive day in the shop, and I have well exceeded my daily sales goal.

I am pleased that I will be able to donate 135.00 of my March sales profit to the project for Miharu, Japan.

Ione has shared a DVD with me of an interview she gave to local cable tv which chronicles her early days in the area and I plan to watch it tomorrow with my daughter.

The crocus are up, white and yellow and violet.
The perennial gardens are fairly well uncovered and waiting for rain.
There is a pot of vegetable chili on the stove.
A good day.

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