Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter leftovers

yes, there was more than a sliver of ham left for a tasty scalloped potato bake tonight...

Our stunning Sunday was shared by just the five of us.
Brother Ted did the photo honors of the girls, 
Richard was busy making Turkish coffees (heavy on the cardamom)

we did not coordinate our top colors intentionally

le menu:
steamed asparagus
made to order omelets
shitake mushroom bread pudding
berry trifle
really cheap white wine
turkish coffee

Brunch was followed by a fabulous bike ride for Caroline, Richard and me to Marystown Road, with a walk through the church cemetery.  We also stopped at Vern's to inquire about getting a pickup load of garden enhancement.  He wasn't home but we pet the horses, anyway.

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Caroline said...

more trifle please...