Friday, April 22, 2011

last night when I was sleeping...

my vintage quilt top made front page...
big thanks to squidwhale!

The bright colors of this treasury are a perfect foil to a dreary, soggy Good Friday.
Today, I feel compelled to go to church service and get all "mea culpa".
I am taking Ione and looking forward to the rosary drone, the wear and tear on my knees with a multitude of genuflecting.

At bedtime, I have been listening and often falling asleep to the music of Nawang Khechog,
Tibetan flute player.  There is a layering over of many sounds...throat singers, the twang of the jew's harp, sheeps' bells and the deep, repetitive chant of the monks.  Who would of thought that this would be a wake up call back to the ceremony of my youth?

Care to share something that has you coming around again?


Sarah L. Hunt said...

I'm one half of the SquidWhale Designs team (the non-treasury making half, that half is called "Beth"). Thanks for the mention! I love your shop and your quilt top! Congrats on the spot on the FP and the sale!!! <3

Richard said...

Baby, you keep me coming 'round.